Thursday, June 24, 2010

A smart phone dream of mine

I'm in a smart phone world for 2 years now, changing several phones and platforms, but this dream of mine is older. It's not a smart phone dream, it's a personal computing dream. I dream of having my PC with me wherever I go and a smart phone is a way to achieve it. In my dream there are peripheral stations (PS) consisting of bigger display (monitor, beamer ...), input devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick ...) and some power supply. You come to your home, plug your smart phone to your home peripheral station and work with your PC. You go to work plug your smart phone to your workplace's peripheral station, switch to work profile and work with your work PC. The device is one and the same you could switch profiles and even operating systems if this is needed. In my dream there are also public peripheral stations, where you could plug your smart phone/PC to work more comfortably, while recharging it at the same time. Those stations cannot harm your PC in any way as they don't have any storage to store viruses or any personal data. All storage is with you. Network connection can be provided by your mobile operator or by the station, it is your choice. At some point, when wireless connections become fast enough and power supply is taken from the sun or from your body heat and movement (for example), you could connect to the peripheral station without a wire. And of course you could always use the smart phone screen and keyboard to work with, in case there is no (free) peripheral station around.

The good news is this is coming closer to reality. Here you can find a sample of taking the first steps in this direction.